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Now that school is here and summer has ended, there is a big chance that hoodies will come back—especially for students. Custom hoodies are very popular among the youth because it can be used in various ways and has its many purpose. Students use hoodies for personal use and if they want to look cool [...]

Nothing beats spreading awareness through custom t-shirts and hoodies. When members of the Cambridge Fire Protection District decided to create and sell custom hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer, we came to learn that some of them can relate very well to the illness because one way or the other, [...]

In the world of fashion, trends on clothes come and go.  There are some that last, while others just disappear and never return because they never clicked with the people’s tastes.  But if there is one trend in fashion that never disappeared since it was introduced, it is the hoodie. The hoodie has been part [...]


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Hoodies are known for their sinister appeal in some parts of Europe. In fact, the government banned the use of hoodies in public due to the series of shoplifting and robbery related incidents; most of the suspects involved used hoodies to hide their identities and make it virtually impossible for people to identify them when [...]


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Wearing custom t-shirts to demonstrate team spirit and support in different competitions at school is very common; as a matter of fact, it’s an all-year round outfit. Rain or shine, winter or fall, you’ll see students in custom t-shirts when there’s a sports event or academic competitions. It makes the long-standing tradition a bit boring [...]


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Stuck in the same fashion statement for the past 2 or 3 years? Maybe it’s time you should try something new now, like wearing custom hoodies if that’s what floats your boat. Hoodies, in my own opinion, is the coolest apparel ever made. Just like the jeans, it became a mainstream fashion for teens and [...]

When shopping for custom hoodies for yourself, for an entire team or large group of people, always consider the quality and the cost. Make sure you are getting the most of your money because hoodies fall into dozens of price categories depending on the quality of the fabric. Once you have a generalized price point [...]