Hoodies are known for their sinister appeal in some parts of Europe. In fact, the government banned the use of hoodies in public due to the series of shoplifting and robbery related incidents; most of the suspects involved used hoodies to hide their identities and make it virtually impossible for people to identify them when mixed in a crowd. In the States, some schools also ban the use of hoodies on campus because of their particular design.

If you want to change the image of hoodies, you can do so by creating custom hoodies with very wholesome designs. No skulls, no alien heads nor demonic looking creatures that will make your teachers and parents cringe. You can create cool custom hoodies for personal use, for sporting events and school activities. You can also use light colors as contrary to the usual dark colors of hoodies sold in the market.

Hoodies never goes out of style, but if used in a wrong purpose, we will surely miss wearing them in school and other public places. So this is a good chance now to change its image and bring back the glory of hoodies. Check out shirtmagic to learn more about custom hoodies.